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About Chef Anthony Florian

Tony’s upbringing was steeped in the tradition of food and family. He remembers reading old family recipes from 1902 that he still has today. Home cooking really was the start of his journey. Culinary school seemed the best place to start his career and after graduating from the California Culinary academy in 2006 he decided that regional Italian fare would be his focus.

His 10 month stage consisted of some great restaurants in Italy. The Veneto region was his introduction to being submerged in history and culture.

On his return to California Tony worked at Michelin starred Charlie Palmer’s in Dry Creek wine country with a definite twist in his training, as the focus was on French inspired food.

Taverna Santi in Geyserville was back to his roots as the restaurant was focused on regional Italian cuisine. The experience he gained from his travels in Italy proved invaluable as he was able to offer validated suggestions which furthered his culinary journey. The San Francisco power houses of Quince and Cotogna were his most recent homes where the chef/ owner Michael Tusk “made him a chef”. His experience between the two restaurants gave him an understanding of the importance of being true to our abundant ingredients here in San Francisco. This is where he also made many contacts with farmers and purveyors who he uses today at Seven Hills. Because of the close relationship with purveyors means that Tony is constantly refining and changing the menu in order to accommodate seasonal changes.

After taking a sensory analysis test in 2007 Tony was approved to be a taster for the California olive oil council (COOC) and is a proud member of this panel to this day. They certify over 60% of all the olive oils produced in California.

You will find Tony’s on most days at the restaurant cooking on the line, it is his passion and he hopes that you come in sometime to see what’s on offer…

About our Ingredients

We are 100% cooc and as such, seven hills has zero dependence on foreign oil.

We will always have a gluten free option for those who want to try out our pasta dishes.
All of the ingredients we use to make out gluten free pasta are organic ingredients include:
corn, ceci bean, brown rice, amaranth, quinoa, flaxseed and grapeseed.

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